Change Whatsapp Background

Have you ever thought about it, haven’t you? The Whatsapp application that we use to communicate everyday has changed its appearance? Changed so that it is not monotonous.

Mine ever. Just bored, the appearance of the application that Mimin uses for this communication is 99%, how come it looks the same. Especially the chat background.

Surely our hearts will be a little cool, right, there is a beautiful face from do’i. So, min. How do you change the WhatsApp background ? Especially the chat.

How to Change the Chat Background on WhatsApp :

1. Open the Whatsapp application and click the 3 dots symbol in the upper right corner.

2. Go to Settings.

3. From the many options, select the Chat section.

4. Click the Wallpaper button, then select what kind of chat background you want. The option, the background can be changed to a photo or color.

5. If you want to be a photo, click Gallery. From here, find and select what photo you want to use as the background of our WhatsApp chat application.

6. Once selected, click the SETUP button in the lower right corner of the screen. And DONE.

Oh yes. There are a few drawbacks (not a drawback either, maybe it’s quite unfortunate), namely there is a limit on how wide a photo can be used as a background.

That is, if our photos are too big (big in terms of dimensions, how many pixels resolution, not big in terms of how many MB), then our photos will be slightly cropped.

So, make sure first. The photo that you want to use as the background has the right broad dimensions, not too big or even too small.

If it’s too big, the photo will be cropped. If it is too small, then the background will be blurry or dotted.

Do’i’s face that was beautiful with a sweet smile. Eh, because the photo is too small, our background doesn’t look like a landscape, instead it looks like a photo that has been censored by KPI, hahaha.

The dimensions of the photo area should not be too big or too small.

The feature to change the chat background is quite exciting. However, if you want more. There is information that is quite unpleasant.

Changing the background on the official Whatsapp, only limited to the chat background. Until this article was made, there was no feature that could make users change the home screen background or main display.

There is actually, a feature to change the WhatsApp main screen background. However, that’s only limited to Dark Mode.

There is no option to use photos.

With Dark Mode, our Whatsapp display will be dark or black. If anyone is interested in trying it, please visit the article below.

The feature to change the main WhatsApp background by using photos, only exists in the MOD version of Whatsapp.

With the MOD version of Whatsapp, it’s not just changing the main background into a photo. There are many more, interesting features of the MOD version of Whatsapp.

If interested, here is a list of any MOD versions of Whatsapp on the internet.

Mimin can only give an answer in the form of.

This MOD version of Whatsapp is Facebook’s Whatsapp which has been modified here and there by a programmer.

Well, there are many programmers and there are many types. Just like humans, there are good programmers and there are bad programmers.

So, the admin can’t guarantee that Whatsapp MOD version A is 100% safe and Whatsapp MOD version B is not safe.

I’ve never heard of it. Someone has this or that problem because they are using the MOD version of Whatsapp A, B, C or D.

So, the choice is in the hands of each of us.

Indeed, compared to Whatsapp from Facebook, this MOD version of Whatsapp has a myriad of interesting features.

In addition to the features as above, there are features that can make us download WA status, there are features that allow users to have more than one account, etc.

That’s all the tutorial on how to change the WhatsApp background from Mimin. If there are wrong words and information, the admin apologizes and corrects it in the comments column. Thank you, bye.