Dark Mode on Whatsapp

The Dark Mode feature has become a very crucial feature in the last few years. How come? People today have made cellphones a part of life.

From morning, afternoon to night, the cellphone cannot be separated from the hand.

Applications that do not have a Dark Mode feature or Dark Mode can be considered old school applications.

It’s not wrong.

Because the Dark Mode feature has several benefits for its users. Anything?

Benefits of the Dark Mode feature

1. Doesn’t make your eyes hurt at night

As previously mentioned, many people use cellphones until the night. So, this feature will be very useful so that your eyes don’t hurt quickly if you use your cellphone at night.

2. Make users look more Edgy

No doubt, many application developers are competing to provide the Dark Mode feature into their applications in the hope that users will feel more comfortable using it for a long time.

And, there will be a big possibility, attracting other users to want to use their application.

One of them is Facebook, a large software company engaged in social media has provided the Dark Mode feature in the Whatsapp application.

Of course this is very encouraging. Because the Whatsapp application is a messaging type application that has the largest users.

So, interested to try it?

How to Make Whatsapp Dark Mode

1. Open the Whatsapp application .

2. Click the 3 points that exist in the upper right corner of the application.

3. Select Settings (located at the bottom).

4. Go to the Chat section .

5. Click the button that says Themes, and select Dark .

6. Done, and click OK button .

As soon as the OK button is pressed, the WA application display will immediately turn black.

All buttons, text, including Chat will be white or follow the design of this Dark Mode.

In some cases, if previously the chat background was not changed to color or into an image, the default terms are still not random, not edited.

So, the background color will be black after the Dark Mode feature is activated.

The Dark Mode feature in WA is already available on various Mobile OS platforms .

From Android OS to iOS, all of these features are available. With 1 condition, the application has been updated to the latest version.

In this tutorial, the WA version used is version 2.20.189 and uses a Xiaomi Android cellphone .

This method can also be applied to other cellphones.

Whether the Whatsapp application on Vivo, on Oppo, on Samsung and on iPhone though, all can change the appearance of their Whatsapp.

So, it doesn’t matter what cellphone you use.

There is no condition that you have to use what cellphone.

As long as the WA application is the latest , you can use the Dark Mode feature.

If anyone doesn’t have the Whatsapp application, please download it immediately.

For Android phones, you can download it in the Google Play Store application

Or, if you are interested in using this Dark Mode feature on another version of Whatsapp, the term is already in the Mod.

You can visit the following article.

  1. Yo Whatsapp
  2. GB Whatsapp
  3. RA Whatsapp
  4. FM Whatsapp
  5. OG Whatsapp
  6. Aero Whatsapp

As for iOS, Whatsapp can be downloaded via the App Store.

There is no MOD version of Whatsapp for iOS. Because, iOS is a closed source mobile operating system.

This means that applications outside the App Store cannot be installed on iPhones, in an easy way.

Yup, installing iOS applications that are outside the App Store can actually be done.


1. An Enterprise developer account is required or an account specifically for Developers.

Is it free? NO, PAY BRO.

2. Jailbreak.

3. Using Xcode on a Mac laptop.

It should be noted and must be remembered .

Choices 2 and 3 , can make you lose support from Apple. If at any time your iPhone has problems and the problem is caused by steps 2 and 3.

Then, Apple won’t care.

They will not help restore your iPhone to be healthy again, to be able to be used normally again.

So, think carefully about what you are going to do.

Is Whatsapp Dark Mode available on iOS and Android?

Yes, Whatsapp Dark Mode is available and can be downloaded on the Android Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Can all cellphones use Whatsapp Dark Mode?

Yes, Whatsapp Dark Mode can be activated on Vivo, on Oppo, on Samsung, on iPhone, on Xiaomi and so on.

What are the requirements for using the Dark Mode feature on Whatsapp?

The only requirement is that the WhatsApp version must be the latest version. For Android, Whatsapp version 2.20.189 is available.

Please ask anything related to the tutorial on how to make the Whatsapp application to Dark Mode in the comments column below.