Delete Whatsapp Account

Deleting an account from a platform is a very important feature for an app. Don’t miss WhatsApp. All Whatsapp users can delete their account at any time.

So, how does that feature work? and how?


How to Delete Whatsapp Account

This tutorial uses the Whatsapp android application and the Indonesian language. If it’s on iOS and other languages, it’s the same.

All locations and steps are the same.

Open the Whatsapp application and click on the 3 dots symbol.

It is located in the upper right corner.

On iOS or iPhone it may be a little different.

Basically, go to Settings or Settings.

Then click Settings.

Bottom of all options.

Then just click on the Account section.

There are various features or settings for how you want to do something with your Whatsapp account.

Later at the bottom, there is an option Delete my account.

Click Delete my account.

After clicking Delete my account, you will be presented with a lot of info. The info contains what the impact is if a Whatsapp account is deleted.

Just scroll down to the bottom.

At the very bottom, it is required to enter the phone number of the Whatsapp account that you want to delete.

As in the previous tutorial, the number written is a combination of the country code and the number of your network card.

For example, the mimin number is 085323675xxx.

So, you have to set it in the left box with the number 62 and the right box with the number 85323675xxx.

Because, 62 is a country code that replaces the number for the number 0 of a network card .

Done, click DELETE MY ACCOUNT button.

Done and WhatsApp account will be deleted.

Before clicking this button, make sure you know what the impact of a deleted Whatsapp account is.

What are the effects of deleting a Whatsapp account?

  1. Surely the Whatsapp account will be deleted from the application and it is necessary to register again if you want to use it.
  2. Delete the entire message or chat history from the app. There may be questions. Was the message or chat history also deleted on someone else’s cellphone? NO.
  3. Makes you no longer a member of any group.
  4. All data that was previously backed up in the Cloud, in this case Google Drive, will be deleted forever.

As a result, you will not be able to backup or use the previous account data, again, which has been deleted, for future use.

Permanently, your data will not be able to be returned or used again.

In conclusion, deleting a WA account is very simple. There is no need for any conditions that are burdensome for its users.

Like if you want to change your WA number .

But, even if it’s simple. Maybe, there will still be some questions that stick in our minds about the process of deleting this Whatsapp account.

How to delete a Whatsapp account on someone else’s cellphone?

This process requires access to the respective Whatsapp account. In other words, as long as the other person’s cellphone has or can access the account you want to delete.

Then delete the WA account can be done.

If you can’t access ? So, you will not be able to delete a Whatsapp account using someone else’s cellphone.

WA account is dead, can it be deleted?

Yes, the short answer is yes. Because there is no need for any verification to the number in question.

But, back again like tutorials about Whatsapp.

As long as the account that contains the number is inactive, it can be accessed, can be used, to open settings or Settings. Then no problem.

WA account has been deleted, can it be returned?

No, a deleted Whatsapp account cannot be recovered.

Here it means, you can’t use or own the data (chat or message history, profile photo, name) anymore.

BUT, the number that the account has deleted earlier. Can be reused to register, create a new Whatsapp account.

But yes, you have to set a profile photo, name and so on from scratch, it can’t be the same automatically as an account that has been deleted.

Can WA Accounts Be Temporarily Deleted?

As far as I know and starting from the creation of this article, there is no or no feature to temporarily delete a WA account.

All data will be permanently deleted immediately (chat history or messages in the form of text and photos, profile photos, names), and if you register, create a Whatsapp account again with the same number, you need to set this and that from scratch again.

After WA is deleted, will the data be lost?

This is a very difficult question and needs to be underlined .

What is your goal in deleting Whatsapp data without deleting the account? Want all chat history and group membership data to be lost?

Why not just delete the account?

Because even if you delete the account, the number that has been deleted can be used again to register, create, WhatsApp account again.

But, indeed. Required for number verification again and for this, the number needs to be active.

Can’t be inactive.

That’s all and thank you.

If there is a shortage, wrong word or information. Please provide in the comments column below.