Digital Marketing

Are you curious about the current trending term, digital marketing?

The term that is just booming along with the high use of the internet is indeed stealing the attention of many people. Especially those who want to build a successful business.

So, what does this have to do with business success? What is the concept of digital marketing and what are the benefits for business debtors?

Is there a difference between the concept of digital marketing and conventional marketing? So what is the strategy?

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In the following digital marketing article, we will discuss in detail from A to Z. Let’s have a look!

What is Digital Marketing?

From the language, you can probably guess, right? This term certainly refers to the field of marketing, namely marketing.

However, there is something new here. That is the correlation with the internet which can be represented in digital words .

So, digital marketing is any form of product or service marketing activity that utilizes electronic or digital media.

The main key to this marketing activity is the internet. And supported by other technological devices such as computers, laptops, cell phones, etc.

What is the purpose? Of course, to attract as many target customers as possible in a way that is more precise, efficient and relevant to current conditions.

Media and digital campaign strategies combine technology and market psychology. The concept of digital marketing is to use online media to promote products or services.

Of course this is very different from conventional marketing which only uses printed campaigns such as billboards or posters as marketing media.

What Is Digital Marketing Like?

So digital marketing is the same as marketing techniques via the internet, then what are the types of digital marketing?

Is SMS advertising one of the examples? Or like the ads that are running around on Youtube and Instagram?

In general, digital marketing is categorized into 7 types, namely as follows:

1. SMM / Social Media Marketing

An example of digital marketing is marketing that is done through social media platforms. For example:

Through this platform, you are very dependent on your social media followers because they are your audience.

So try to manage your followers to become customers of your product later.

How does SMM work? There are 2 ways, namely:

  1. Placing paid ads on social media. This can be done by segmenting the audience based on age, interest, location, etc.
  2. Utilizing content to increase the number of followers / or also called content marketing . This is done in order to increase and maintain followers organically.

2. Email Marketing

As the name suggests, Email Marketing is a marketing strategy using email. You could say this method is quite ancient, but it is still used today because it is still quite effective.

Email Marketing is done by sending emails containing various types of content marketing. There are promotions of goods and services, company profiles, and much more.

3. Content Marketing

This digital campaign strategy refers to the art of creating and distributing content for promotion.

The content created varies, it can be videos, photos, emails, and others. Of course, the content must be interesting and relevant to your audience or target market.

The main key to promotion via content marketing is regular and periodic. And, most importantly you have to be able to influence your audience through your content without them knowing you’re selling.

After the content has been created, it can then be distributed via blogs, websites, search engines, or social media.

4. PPC & PPM

PPC Ads or Pay Per Click is one of the most popular and preferred internet advertising techniques.

Why? The system is quite easy and clear. Namely the advertiser or advertisers pay when someone clicks on the ad.

Ads can be placed using special keywords and will appear in search results according to those keywords . One example of PPC is Google AdWords .

Besides PPC, there is also a PPM system, namely Pay Per Impression . Slightly different from PPC, PPM uses a pay-per-appearance system.

Simply put, advertisers are required to pay for ads every 100 or 1000 appearances. In accordance with mutually agreed terms..

5. SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is arguably the most ancient digital marketing activity compared to other techniques. However, there are still business people who use this method and it is quite effective.

The method is quite easy, namely by sending short messages to mobile users.

Advertising can be done by directly offering products, discounts or whatever information you want to convey. In addition, SMS advertising can also act as an intermediary to access certain sites or links.

6. Search Engine Marketing

Do you realize that this marketing strategy is actually familiar to us? Yes, Google.

Surely we often Googling and typing something on Google so that it will appear in the Google search engine For example like this:

“how to get rich quick” / “how to get a mate” / “how to make money”

Google is great , it deserves to be called Grandma Google, wkwkwk)

After you type, of course, thousands of search results will appear from the keywords you wrote. Well, that’s how the Search Engine Marketing system works .

When we type something or keywords in Google, it will appear 2 parts. Namely search results in the form of ads and organic search results.

Well, for the search results this ad will refer to the PPC Ads that we discussed earlier. While the other part is organic search results which will refer to the SEO optimization system.

What is SEO? We will continue in the next discussion, friend.

7. SEO Marketing

SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization / search engine optimization. This is a website optimization system to achieve top rank / page 1 on search engines like Google.

The purpose of this optimization is so that the website you create can be easily found by users who access keywords based on organic search results.

In other words, SEO is used to increase traffic and page ranking on search engines.

Advertising with SEO optimization is considered more profitable than PPC because you don’t have to pay advertising fees such as PPC or PPM.

Generally, there are 2 SEO, namely:

On-Page SEO

Optimization on-page SEO emphasis on matters relating to the website and in order to obtain a high page rank.

Some things related to on page SEO are titles, content, internal links, and keywords. Techniques that you can use to improve on page SEO include:

  • Make URLs short but easy to remember
  • Using LSI Keywords
  • Create long, quality content
  • Optimizing Title Tags
  • Enter External and Internal Link
  • Use multimedia content, minimal image
  • Dll

Off-Page SEO

In contrast to on-page SEO , off-page SEO deals with things related to links, namely link building, otherwise known as back linking .

This SEO optimization aims to increase your rank in search engines in order to get a high ranking.

Some things that must be considered for off-page SEO optimization are through link building, social bookmarking and social media marketing. Tips and tricks that can be done are as follows:

  • Using Inbound Links or hyperlinks to websites
  • Using anchor text
  • Use quality links
  • Take advantage of social media to increase traffic
  • Dll

You can use a number of supporting tools for off-page Seo optimization , friends, for example, Google AdWords, Ahrefs, Moz and Majestic.

Well, there are quite a few types of internet marketing. But, you don’t need to take advantage of all of them. Just use what you think is more relevant to your target market.

Of the seven examples of digital marketing above, the best techniques that are trending and are considered successful in Indonesia are:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Google AdWords

What are the Advantages of Internet Marketing

Why is online marketing strategy so booming right now? Is this method really superior to traditional marketing methods?

Certain. To be clear, let’s look at some of the advantages of internet marketing. Who knows you will be interested after seeing the advantages.

Some of the things you can get from promotion through internet marketing are:

  • Easy, practical and affordable
  • Easier to evaluate because the measurement is more precise
  • Can reach the right target market
  • Reaching a more competitive market
  • Very flexible because it is more flexible to change tactics & strategies
  • Has a wider market reach.

In addition to some of the advantages above, the main reason you must try online marketing is because it is very easy to access.

You can do promotions anywhere, anytime and with any media. Can be with a variety of mobile devices that support the internet.

The Right Trick to Start a Business with Internet Marketing

How to Make Digital Marketing? Trying digital marketing is not difficult.

However, knowledge is needed to optimize its use. In addition, there needs to be a team of experts, funds and the ability to master it.

It also takes time to maximally learn digital marketing. Well, here are some surefire tricks to start a business with digital promotion.

  • Learn a lot and not afraid to start

The first step is to learn and get started. You can start learning the easiest methods such as social media or websites.

Get used to getting to know terms that often appear such as traffic, funnel, engagement, and others.

While understanding, you also have to be brave to steal the start for action. Always remember, learning without action is impossible .

  • Trying to Create a Website / Blog

Why websites? This media will really help those of you who want to wrestle with digital marketing.

No need to worry, not all websites are paid. There are free ones like blogger.

  • Creating unique and good content

One of the keys to your marketing success is to use interesting and unique content.

This applies to any media, whether it’s a website or social media. The form of content can also vary, can be from articles, photos, videos, etc.

Good content certainly has a positive effect and can attract the attention of the audience.

  • Maximize the use of social media

You certainly have social media, now it’s time for you to use your account for bigger things.

You can use your social media accounts for product promotions other than for selfies, hehehe. It’s a good idea to create a special account for promotions, this is a more pro trick.

You can also hire social media marketing experts or use third-party media management. However, both of these methods cost money.

If you want it for free, you can learn and immediately practice yourself. It’s not difficult, you just need to be diligent about posting interesting promotional content.

  • Attend the workshop

The way you need to do to get serious about doing business with digital marketing is to be diligent in participating in workshops.

There are lots of special workshops on digital marketing for businesses. If you are interested, of course you need to prepare a special budget for it.


We are actually not new to digital marketing because we are unconsciously using it. Whether to be a marketer, consumer or intermediary.

However, the use of internet marketing for business does require knowledge and skills.

If you don’t feel like an expert, you can start easy marketing via social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also learn the steps to build your own marketing campaign.

You can learn about it in our article “How to Create a Digital Marketing Campaign “.

However, if there is a sufficient budget, you can just build a special internet marketing team. That way, you can reach the target market as you wish.

So many articles about digital marketing materials from the cuestiona team, hopefully useful.