Game 2021 Money Making

Game 2022 Money Making – In today’s digital era, getting extra income is very easy. Besides being able to use social media for business, you can also download the 2022 money- making game that is proven to provide payments to its users.

Earning money through games is perfect for those of you who really have a hobby of playing games. You just have to complete the mission given then you can get the coffers of money. What are some games that have been proven to provide payments to users who complete missions? Here’s the list for you!

Game 2022 Money Earning 100% Proven

GAMEE Prizes

Btw, GAMEE Prizes is not a typo. But that’s the name. So, GAMEE Prizes is a money-making 2022 game that has existed since 8 July 2015. If you can complete the mission, you will get paid via PayPal.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to make a deposit to be able to play and get money from this game so you can try it safely. Regarding how to play GAMEE Prizes, it’s very easy so you can definitely play it.


As the name implies, MaGer is a game that does not require special skills to play it. It’s really suitable to play when you’re not active or lazy. Instead of being lazy that has no meaning, it’s better to be lazy while playing the MaGer game and get money.

MaGer is basically an app that can be enjoyed with coins and golden tickets. You can get coins for free, while golden tickets can be obtained by deposit or top up.

But don’t worry because not all MaGer players have to top up. You can play MaGer and earn money without any top up. The trick is to play as diligently as possible to collect coins because the more coins you get, the more potential money you will get later.

Another Money Making 2022 Game is: Puppy Town 

The game titled Puppy Town is an android application with a puzzle genre that is made as simple as possible so that players can continue to grow. With a fun, unique and simple puzzle concept that has been offered to date, many downloaders have downloaded and played Puppy Town.

Even Puppy Town has been downloaded and played by more than 50 million people and is increasing every day. This game made by Meetjoy Studio is a cute puppy themed game presented with the concept of a puzzle series.

Through this Puppy Town game, you can add pocket money. Playing puzzle stacking games can be even more fun with the fun that Puppy Town has to offer. Especially if you like dogs, you will really like Puppy Town.

Earn Cash: Play Music & Games, Make Money!

Can Cash is a money-making 2022 gaming app that can give you cash in return for time wasted listening to music from various radios around the world.

Unfortunately, in this application there is no Indonesian music, so you will only hear western songs in English.

To get money from Can Cash, after installing this application you can directly play streaming music available on Can Cash. The time spent listening to music will automatically be counted as your income.

In addition to playing music, several other ways that can be done to increase the coffers of income without the need to work from Earn Cash are by:

  • Watch videos on Get Cash
  • Play free games from the world’s major studios
  • Fill out a short survey

Ragnarok Mobile

Ragnarok Mobile is a game that has been successfully adapted from a PC game and has become one of the most interesting games to play. You will not only have fun, but interestingly, you can also earn money playing this game.

For those of you who like to play games lying down, you can download Ragnarok Mobile. The way to make money through Ragnarok Mobile is quite simple. You just need to be a jockey to take care of the game and you will get paid as agreed in advance. Quite unique is not the concept of the game?

The last money-making 2022 game is: PUBG Mobile

As for the PUBG Mobile game, of course, the name is already very popular because many e-Sports athletes have made it rich from PUBG Mobile. But to get money from PUBG Mobile is not easy.

You must have the skills to play the PUBG game then you can take part in the e-sports matches that are held. The potential money that you can get comes from gifts that amount to billions of rupiah. Besides being able to earn money through matches, you can also earn money by selling Push Rank services and selling accounts.

Those are various money-making 2022 games that are proven to make money and are 100% safe. So it’s really good to try! Don’t forget to check this article on the Scariest Horror Games if you are a horror game connoisseur.