Screenshot on a Laptop/PC

Screenshot on a laptop/pc is an easy thing. But, it’s a bit annoying. Why?

Because even though the screenshot tool already exists, many people don’t know where it is and how to use it.

If you want to compare it to a cellphone, it’s still good to take screenshots on a cellphone, right?

But, okay, it makes sense. Because the UI / appearance of a laptop / PC is very different from a cellphone. So, how do you do a screenshot on a laptop/pc?

There are 2 ways to take screenshots on a laptop/PC

There are many ways to screenshot images on a laptop/pc screen. However, all of them are divided into 2 types of ways, namely without an application and with an application.

Screenshot without App

Well, if you ask Mimin, how to take the easiest and fastest screenshot, then Mimin will answer using the keyboard.

Uh, how are you?


Press and hold the Windows logo keyboard button briefly, then press the button that says “prt sc”. See image below.

Find on the keyboard of each key that has a resemblance to the picture above, the Windows logo and the words “prt sc”.

If the laptop/pc screen flashes for a while, it means that the screenshot was successful and now the question is, where can we see the screenshot?

Open File Explorer, go to Pictures and double click the folder called Screenshots. Well, that’s where all the screenshots are done by “Win + prt sc”

how to take screenshot on laptop 12
how to take screenshot on laptop

How to screenshot without this application, aka using the keyboard, can be done on any Windows laptop/pc, either Windows XP, 7, 8 to 10.

But with one condition, namely the laptop/pc keyboard has a button with the Windows logo and a button that says prt sc.

Oh yes. The meaning of the word “prt sc” is “Print Screen”. So, look for a button that, if anything, means “Print Screen”.

Screenshots with Apps

Everything that you want to do on a laptop / pc, must be prioritized by using the default application. Why?

  1. Simple, easy, uncomplicated.
  2. No need to bother downloading, because it already installed itself.
  3. Save quota and storage space or memory.
  4. Lots of support or tutorials on how to use it.

There are at least 2 Windows default applications that we can use to take screenshots on a laptop/pc, namely the Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch.

how to take screenshot on laptop 2

How to take screenshots using the Snipping Tool:

1. Open the Snipping Tool application.

2. Click the New button in the upper left corner under the File, Edit, Tools and Help toolbar.

3. Press + hold the mouse while sliding towards whichever image you want to screenshot.

4. If you have, click File and Save as or click the button with the symbol as in this red circle.

how to take screenshot on laptop 3

5. Set in the folder where you want the screenshots to be saved. Then give it a name and click the Save button.

The Snipping Tool application can be found on Windows 7, 8 to Windows 10 OS.

How to Screenshot Using Snip & Sketch:

how to take screenshot on laptop 4

1. Open the Snip & Sketch application.

2. Click the button labeled New.

3. Just like using the Snipping Tool, press + hold the left mouse button while sliding.

4. If you have clicked the button with the symbol as shown below.

5. Select which folder to save, give it a name and then click the Save button.

Unlike the Snipping Tool, this Snip & Sketch application can only be found on Windows 10, not on Windows XP or Windows 7.

List of Apps to Take Screenshots

Apart from the Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch, there are tons of third-party applications, not Windows built-in, that can be used to take screenshots. What are they ?

  1. Lightshot.
  2. Greenshot.
  3. ShareX.
  4. Awesome Screenshot.
  5. Nimbus Screenshot.
  6. FireShot.
  7. Screenshot Captor.
  8. SnapCrab.
  9. Snipaste.
  10. Screenpresso.
  11. ScreenTake.
  12. Icecream Screen Recorder.
  13. PickPick.
  14. Snagit.
  15. FastStone Capture.
  16. OBS.
  17. Screenshot.
  18. QuickCapture and much more

All of the above applications, most of which are free, do not charge a penny to perform screenshot activities in general.

Both without the app and with the app, taking screenshots in the above way will definitely have its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Screenshots without Applications

Not much actually, the advantages of screenshots without an application. Users can not protest because of this. Because well, the name is without an application.

There is no UI that programmers can program to be given commands to do this and that, edit here and there.

Advantages without App

Light, simple, not complicated anyway.

Yep, done. That’s all, no need for any explanation, right?

Disadvantages without App

Can see the words above, programmers are not given a UI (not not given, indeed there is no UI) to add to this feature. So, well.

One more thing, the existing Crop Mode is only full page or full screen. There is no other Crop Mode.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Screenshots with Applications

Very different from without an application, screenshots using applications have many advantages. And based on the tutorial above, what are the advantages of the Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch for taking screenshots?

Advantages of Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch

It’s different if you use it with a keyboard, there are quite a lot of features that can be used besides taking full pictures of the laptop/pc screen.

1. Crop Mode

If with the keyboard the image results are only full, with these 2 applications, at least there are many modes.

Crop Mode di Snipping Tool:

  1. Square grid mode.
  2. Free mode.
  3. Mode “Windows”

With square grid mode, the screenshot will be in the form of a square, it can be square or rectangular. Free mode, screenshots can be anything.

While the “Windows” mode, the image results can vary, but still have a precise shape. See the example below.

how to take screenshot on laptop 5

Mimin can specifically take pictures of toolbars which are usually located at the bottom of the Windows laptop/pc screen. Mimin only clicks the left mouse once after selecting this mode and the results follow the UI of the toolbars.

Crop Mode di Snip & Sketch:

The crop mode in Snip & Sketch is the same as in the Snipping Tool. It’s just that in Snip & Sketch, there is another mode 1 whose image results are the same as screenshots with the keyboard, which is full screen.

2. Timer

This feature is very useful. Either the Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch, the use of the timer feature is the same as the steps, there is no difference at all.

However, the timer feature in the Snipping Tool has a duration of 1,2,3,4 and 5 seconds. While in Snip & Sketch, the duration is only 3.5 and 10 seconds.

3. Color the picture

Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch are both equipped with features that allow users to give a little touch to their screenshot images.

Not too complete or complex, it could be this or that. It’s simple, users can draw text or whatever it is with a pencil effect or something else.

Disadvantages of Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch

For the size of the screenshot application, there is actually no shortage of the Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch.

It provides a Crop Mode feature which is already very good in the process of taking pictures and there is also a coloring feature if users need a little finishing touch before saving screenshots.

The main purpose of making the Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch is indeed just taking screenshots on the laptop/pc screen, nothing more.

So, if you want something more. Please use the third-party application that I mentioned earlier. Certainly, the features they offer are much more attractive.

Pro tips, taking screenshots with Snip & Sketch can be done directly by pressing Windows key + Shift + S.

Well, that was how to take the laptop/pc screen ss. From here, mimin got some questions related to how to ss on a laptop/pc.

1. How to take screenshots while playing games?

Especially for Windows 10, you can use an application called Xbox Game Bar.

how to take screenshot on laptop 8

Mimin, actually have not tried this application. However, this is an application created by Microsoft specifically to accompany gamers on their platform.

Pro tips, you can also open the Xbox Gambe Bar application by pressing the Windows key + G and you can also take a screenshot by pressing the Windows key + Alt + PrtSc (same as before).

2. How to take long screenshots on a laptop/pc?

Want a long screenshot while browsing a website on a laptop/pc? Use extensions or ad-ons called One Click Full Page Screenshot.

How to screenshot full page lengthwise with One Click Full Page Screenshot:

  1. Download and open the One Click Full Page Screenshot ad-ons.
  2. Go to which website you want to screenshot then click the Full Page Screenshot extension in the upper right corner of the browser.
how to take screenshot on laptop 10

As soon as the Full Page Screenshot extension button is clicked, the website will automatically be screenshotted lengthwise. No need to press any button anymore.

This is an example of a website that has been successfully screenshotted in length by using the Full Page Screenshot extension.

how to take screenshot on laptop 9

In the Full Page Screenshot ad-ons, many features are provided by the developer to edit a little, the results of the screenshots that have been taken. Please explore as much as you want.

how to take screenshot on laptop 11

Oh yes. Mimin used the Microsoft Edge browser to take this long screenshot.

Please adjust it to your respective browser and you can find extensions in your ad-ons store.

In conclusion, laptop screenshots can be done on the OS and on any brand of laptop. Whether it’s Windows 7, 8, 10, Acer laptops, Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, Dell, Axio, Compaq.

There are no specific requirements for this or that, as long as the keyboard layout and the software used are the same, the screenshot method on a laptop/pc is also the same.

That is all and thank you.