Video Conference

I miss my girlfriend, I’m sorry. Eitsssss but the doi is now in London. It’s heavy to pay if you want to do it.

Relax, the cuestiona team has the right solution for your problem. You can use video conferencing or video conferencing.

Wow, that’s a video call. So what’s the difference with video conferencing? Why is the term so slang?

For those of you schoolchildren, employees or bosses, you must know the media called video conferencing.

If you are still confused with video conferencing sundries. What is video conferencing, how is it different from video calling, its benefits, and its application.

Read on for the article from the Team below.

What is the difference between video calling and video conferencing?

Yes, in the current era, the development of communication technology is very rapid. There are many media that you can use to communicate so that you can continue to feel close.

Since the emergence of Skype or WhatsApp, people have become familiar with video calls. This technology allows two or more people to interact with each other through sending video and audio even though they are in different locations.

This means that you can not only hear the voice of the other person but also the video at the same time. So what’s the difference with video conferencing?

The concept is almost the same, the difference is in the use of a more professional video conferencing. As we explained above, video calls can be used if you miss your girlfriend hehe

Why Should You Use Video Conferencing?

This is one of the phenomena that is taking the world by storm, namely Corona Virus Disease -19 or Covid 19. This epidemic requires you to keep your distance from other people.

Especially after the issuance of social distancing regulations, namely working from home, studying from home to worshiping from home.

Now, video conferencing is starting to get busy. Yes, even though in the past many companies or formal institutions have used this media to communicate or hold meetings.

Because this media is able to solve the problem of limited space and time. Especially during this pandemic, video conferencing is considered the most effective way to stay productive in this emergency.

Now more companies, government agencies or schools are using video conferencing for meetings or online learning.

Well maybe you are one of the employees who still have to work in the midst of this pandemic. However, they are also required to stay at home as recommended by the government.

What benefits can be taken from VC for the work environment, school and others?

Save Cost And Time

Using video conferencing is arguably more cost-effective. You don’t have to come to school or work. Even though at first it costs quite a bit to buy the video device.

In addition, video conferencing is also more likely to save time if you need a sudden meeting if you are not in the same location with colleagues.

Communication Stays Quality

Companies must have used modern technology to send important information. Like email, but sometimes there are many technical problems such as email not being sent and others.

So it can lead to misunderstanding. If you’re still working in the office, it’s good to check it out. If you work from home, it can be tricky.

Even work can be neglected because each is busy doing other work at home.

Now with VC or video conferencing, employees can maximize their communication. Communication in real time even though different places too.

More Focus (Work Or Study)

Communicating using video conferencing makes work more focused and more committed. Because they can always be monitored and supervise each other.

What to Pay Attention to When VC

Before carrying out activities using VC, there are things you must prepare with risks such as the following:

Slightly More Expensive Equipment

The price that is quite expensive to buy the device may be burdensome for some people.

Technical problem

Technical problems are likely to occur when the internet connection is unstable or there is a problem with the internet service provider, power failure, or running out of data quota.

Video Conference Type

There are two types of video conferencing currently in use, namely:

Videoconferencing Hardware

This VC model still uses a hardware base. So when doing video conferencing, you still use the port, either the IP port or the ISDN port .

This VC is implemented with a digital telephone line service. Usually the equipment used is quite expensive. In addition, the installation is quite expensive.

Plus the costs incurred for the VC are weighed down on a per dial basis. Another drawback is that the costs incurred are very expensive if there are calls from abroad.

Videoconferencing Cloud/Software

The development of technology is very fast. This also has an impact on the processor and memory of various devices such as laptops, PCs and smartphones getting bigger.

Many video conferencing applications are easy to run just by downloading the application. You can find the video conferencing application on Windows, iOS and Android. The most booming thing is Zoom.

In fact, there are many social media that can do video conferencing, such as on Line, Facebook and others.

Video Conference Equipment

To do video conferencing you must have the following supporting devices:

  1. Video camera or webcam as video input
  2. Projector, TV or Monitor computer or laptop as video output
  3. Microphone as voice input
  4. Mic as sound output
  5. Internet, wifi or LAN cable

Video Conferencing App

After you have enough equipment, you can download video conferencing applications such as:


This Microsoft production application can help you conduct video conferences that can make calls to as many as 25 people at the same time. Free Skype conference calls.

Besides having the advantage of having a lot of calling capacity, this application can also be used via PC, TV, and Smartphone.

Features: Skype Calling, Video calls/ video calls, Group chats, Conference calls/ video confet, profile settings, quickfilter, speed dial, import contacts, outlook contacts.

Google Meet

This application made by Google also has advantages in use. You only need to use Google+ and Gmail.

You can enjoy Google Meet both for smartphones and desktops. Oh yes, with this application you can hold a vc with a maximum of 250 people.

Features: share screen, profile setting, background setting, touch up my appearance, upload, download, save vc recording, subtitle.

Cisco Webex

This application has the advantage of being able to make calls on a large scale, around 100 people. However, it has drawbacks such as having to share screens with other users, and being subject to subscription fees or direct users.

Features: Document sharing , whiteboard, facial recognition.


Similar to Webex, zoom also requires varying screens by using others.

Had become a prima donna in the midst of the corona virus outbreak as a video conferencing tool, but also had problems with data security, which used user data without permission.

Features: one on one video, video conference, chat, screen sharing, save recorded video.

Google Duo

If Meet is capable of large scale, Google Duo is only able to make small calls, about 12 people, even though they are both made by Google.

Features: block user, rock solid security, video safe.

Ethics When Conducting Video Conferences

Even if the video conference is not face to face, you still have to have good ethics, for example:


During a video conference, you have to stay focused on paying attention. If you are not focused, your actions will be seen, and make the other person feel unappreciated.

Casual but serious

Focus is really needed in the scope of video conferencing, but it doesn’t have to be too serious, like a normal meeting or regular study, it still needs to be filled with laughter.

Neat Look

Even if it’s done at home, you can’t just wear clothes while doing video conferences. At least you use neat clothes or collared tops with a little touch of pomade for men to make them look sleek.

For women can wear neat clothes and add a little lipstick tips. Don’t call it an undead or pale.

Activate all necessary features

When doing a video conference, you must activate the appropriate features, such as a microphone, and camera, you can’t just activate one.

The right room

Look for a room that is comfortable and the sound can be heard clearly, and avoid rooms that have a high intensity of family traffic at home. Don’t let your toddler child appear in front of the laptop screen while in a meeting with the boss.

Look for a bright room or use additional lighting such as lamps so that your video is clearly seen from the other person.

Well, it turns out that distance is not a barrier. Even though you are separated by distance and time, you can still be productive whether you are working, studying or dating. lol

There are many video conferencing applications that you can use as we mentioned above. Moreover, many are free. Use only the services that suit your needs.

Oh, don’t forget to prepare money to buy quota, if you don’t have WiFi at home.