YouTube Analytics

The era of digitalization has made it easier for people to carry out various activities. Yes, one of them is marketing. Many social media are used to expand marketing reach.

Call it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. But the media may be used to it. Of the many media, video is the most effective medium for conducting campaigns.

This can be proven by the rise of YouTube users. Even YouTube is the second largest search media after Google.

Usually people will say “just search on Mbah Google”. Now what you will hear “So open YouTube!”.

In other words, people always use YouTube to find information related to the topics they want.

So, for you YouTubers or business people, don’t just make videos, upload them and then just leave them. You must know whether the video affects the success of your channel or not.

Therefore, you must read the YouTube Analytics article below. So what are the benefits? For more details, keep reading the article below.

How Does YouTube Work?

YouTube has provided a way that is easy to understand and understand for anyone who wants to operate it. Like saving the video or sharing the video with others.

Besides being able to be easily shared with others, YouTube will always show video recommendations. These videos are related to the keywords you are looking for. Or reference the title that comes out in every keyword search.

YouTube also provides a space to interact with their opinions of the videos they watch which are stated in the comments column on each video. They can also save videos to watch later, or share videos they like.

YouTube also provides privacy in uploading videos. Where you can share videos with only the people you want.

YouTube Benefits For Business

Seeing the rapid development of YouTube every year, what happens if you use it as a business tool?

It must be very tempting. Before going any further, you should know the benefits of YouTube as a means of doing business.

  • Take advantage of events or promotions
  • Show skills
  • Creating community
  • Demonstrating the product
  • Solve consumer problems
  • Show your brand ‘personality’
  • Save bandwidth

That’s the benefit of YouTube to widen your business network. After uploading a video then you have to monitor your video traffic through YouTube Analytics.

What Are the Benefits of YouTube Analytics?

YouTube Analytics can be said to be a tool to monitor your videos and YouTube account. In other words, YouTube Analytics can be a lesson in developing your channel.

For businesses, YouTube Analytics can also be an evaluation tool for your YouTube marketing.

Dude Login

YouTube Analytics is a menu in your YuTube account. Therefore you can only see the results of your account analysis.

You don’t see other people’s channels. To start analytics with YouTube Analytics you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to YouTube and log in to your account
  2. Click your account logo in the top right corner, and click YouTube Studio
  3. You are already logged in to the YouTube Studio dashboard, then click Analytics on the left.
  4. And… you can already see your channel chart

Before using YouTube Analytics, people used Creator Studio Classic to view graphics, which was YouTube’s old analytics platform.

To make viewing charts easier and more complete, YouTube has finally launched its new platform YouTube Analytics.

With the addition of the new platform, it doesn’t mean you can’t use Creator Studio Classic. You can still use it and just click on the bottom right corner of the screen.

The main menu

The following are the menus available for the YouTube Analytics service:


In the overview menu you can see the main metrics on your channel such as:

  • View, to see how many times your video has been viewed.
  • Subscriber, to see the number of viewers who have subscribed to your channel.
  • Watch Time, to see the length of time your video has been played and viewed.

While on the Realtime menu, you can see the graph of the video view rising or falling directly.


The Reach menu will display 3 main graphs, namely, Unique Viewers, Impressions, and Clik-through Rate or CTR. Here’s the explanation:

  • Unique Viewers

This graph measures the number of people who viewed your video. It will take some time to see the number of people watching, this graph will appear after a few hours of you uploading your video.

  • Impression

This graph counts the number of your videos that appear on the viewer’s youtube screen. Remember, a new video appears and has not been watched, it is still a display on the screen.

Impresson also only applies when the thumbnail appears for more than one second on the viewer’s youtube screen, and the appearance must be on:

  1. YouTube main page
  2. Youtube recommendation results
  3. Playlist youtube
  4. youtube search results
  5. Feeds Youtube (watch later, trending, history, subscription )

However, if the impression does not fall into the above categories, the impression will not be counted.

  • CTR ( Click-thourgh Rate )

CTR will count the number of impressions that have been clicked or turned into views. When your audience clicks on a thumbnail impression, the thumbnail instantly turns into a view, and is calculated by the CTR.

In the CTR chart you will also be able to see impressions and how the led to watch time. You can also know the number of impressions that turn into views and watch time.

Then below the main graph there is information about traffic sources or traffic sources. This info contains where the viewer can see the video you uploaded. Traffic sources can come from:

  • External, if the viewer finds your video from a website or application that contains video content. For example, there is a blogger who links your video on their website.
  • Playlists, if the viewer sees your videos from a list of playlists that have been created.
  • YouTube Search, if the viewer gets your video from the search results on YouTube search.


Engagement menu to see how much viewers are interested in your video.

This is important, because this menu pad displays a graph of the total watch time and average view duration (the average length of video viewed). That way you have to pay attention to the quantity and quality of the video to attract viewers.

If the watch time is long enough, it means that many viewers are interested in watching your video. This makes it possible to entice viewers to visit your video again.

However, if the number of viewers is large and the viewing time is only briefly, then the audience will not return to your channel.

By paying attention to this you can create videos that can attract more viewers to always visit the channel and see every video you upload.

You can also monitor the viewers who return to your channel from every video you upload. The method is as follows:

  1. Click Videos on the left menu of Youtube Studio
  2. Select the video you want to analyze
  3. Enter the engagement menu
  4. klik Audience retention report

After that, a graph in the form of a pattern will appear, and the pattern can also be explained as follows:

  • A straight line shows if your video was viewed from start to finish
  • The descending line shows that the viewer is no longer interested in your video
  • Ups or spikes at certain points indicate that viewers are rewatching certain parts of your video
  • Down or down at a certain point indicates that the viewer skipped or missed that part.

Then you will also find another graph after the main graph. Below the main graph, shows several categories of graphs with the following explanations:

  • Top Playlist, shows your playlist seen by the audience.
  • Top Videos, shows your most viewed videos

In addition to this, there are also graphics that show the effectiveness of the cards and end screens that you install.

Cards are notifications that are installed in videos to promote other channels, such as games, advertisements, and so on.

While the end screen is an additional screen that is used to promote other videos with a short time of the last 5 to 20 seconds.

In the engagement menu you can find graphic cards and end screens as follows:

  • Top cards shows the cards that viewers clicked on the most
  • The top end screen element types show how many element types and screens were clicked. What is meant by element and screen types are subscribe, channel, and video buttons.
  • Top Videos by end screen shows the most clicked videos and at the end screen


This menu is intended to help you better understand the characteristics of the audience. That way you will be able to better adapt your video to the characteristics of the audience.

In this menu you can see a graph of the average number of viewers, and subscriber growth. In addition, you can also see the unique viewer graph.

If you want to see a more detailed chart, you can see it in the chart category below

  • Top CC or subtitles show what language your audience uses most often
  • Age and gender show the age that is the majority of your channel visitors
  • Top countries shows the location of the audience. The location of the audience can be known from the IP address of the audience.


The Revenue menu is used to see your income generated from YouTube. However, this menu only appears on channels that have collaborated with Youtube partners.

This is one of the programs that gives permission to profit from youtube. And to be able to enter this program you have to follow the channel monetization policy

In this menu there are metrics that you must understand, namely:

  • Ad types that show the benefits of advertising by ad type
  • CPM is the cost incurred by the party who gives the ad every 1000 impressions
  • Monthly estimated revenue shows the estimated monthly revenue of your channel
  • Playback-based CPM is the cost incurred by the party who provides the ad every 1000 times the ad video is played
  • Revenue sources The distribution of the profits you get is based on the source
  • Top-earning videos show a video’s highest profit over a given period of time.

Extra Menu

In addition to the five menus above, there are other menus in Advanced Mode mode.

Device Type or Device Type

In this menu you can find out what devices are used by your viewers. Do they use cellphones, PCs, laptops, game consoles and others.

By knowing the majority of the devices used, you can make videos that match your viewers. If a lot of people access through cellphones, then you can make vertical videos.

Playlist Metric

One strategy to increase the number of views and watch tima is to create a playlist. After the viewer finishes viewing one of your videos, the viewer will immediately be directed to the next video in the playlist.

Another strategy is to include videos from other channels in your playlist. This will trigger viewers from other channels to open your videos.

But did you know that the playlist that you created was able to attract the viewer’s attention? Now with this metrics playlist you can find out. The following are the sub menus in the matrixs playlist menu:

  • Playlist starts, to find out the number of views played by the viewer on the playlist.
  • Playlist exit rate, to find out how many viewers exit the playlist you create.
  • Average time in playlist, to find out the average time used by viewers to watch videos in your playlist.
  • Views per playlist, to find out how many videos (on average) viewers view in the playlist.

Interaction Metrics

It is important for you to know the audience’s interest in the videos you upload. If the viewer likes the video you made, the audience will appreciate it.

Viewer appreciation can be channeled through various actions, starting from Like, comment, share or subscribe. Now to calculate the number of each of these options you can look at the interaction metrics.

  • Likes, to display the number of likes given to your videos.
  • Dislikes, to find out the number of viewers who dislike your video.
  • Likes vs. Dislikes, to display the number of comparisons between likes and dislikes.
  • Subscriber lost, to calculate how many subscribers are starting to not subscribe to your channel.
  • Subscribers gained, to find out the number of subscribers gained.
  • Comments added, to find out the number of comments given by the audience per video.
  • Shares, to find out the number of videos shared by viewers per video.

Measuring Channel Development

In addition to using this menu to analyze the performance of your video or channel, you can use the features below:

Measuring One Video’s Progress

The way to analyze progress per video is as follows:

  • Pilih dashboard YouTube Analytics
  • Click the Videos menu
  • Select the desired video title or thumbnail
  • Select Analytics, then the graph will appear

Measuring the Progress of Multiple Videos

YouTube Analytics also provides a tool to compare the performance of multiple videos at once, in the following ways:

  • Select the Advanced Mode menu
  • Select the desired menu (metric)
  • Click compare to “time” or “video” to compare by time or video

Downloading Analysis Data Results

It might be a bit inconvenient to have to open YouTube every time you want to see video performance. You can download the analysis results provided by YouTube Analytics by:

  • Select Advanced Mode
  • Select Export
  • Select export data to Google sheets or Comma-separated values

If you want to explore the world of YouTube or business people who use YouTube as a promotional medium, then you must know YouTube Analytics. This menu lets you know the metrics used to measure your channel’s performance.

Don’t just make a video and then upload it and don’t know whether the video is liked by the audience or not. If you want to be successful, you have to learn to evaluate the content you provide.

You can choose a simple but creative topic. In addition, you also have to pay attention to consistency in uploading videos. Not too long or too often. Let the audience be curious but not bored.